Aug 21, 2021 • 41M

Gamedevs x Geek Teachers 🐾😺 Max and his dad

Dr. Paul Darvasi is an educator, game designer, and researcher who consults on the intersection of digital games, narrative, social justice, culture and learning.

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Olle Pridiuksson
This is all about adapting our video games for educational purposes.
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“Our textbooks 📚 are so old that Pluto is still a planet there” - suddenly drops Max and continues explaining other problems in his school. I am looking at his dad, at Lera and Rita:

  • Paul looks a bit surprised

  • Lera feels like she’s instantly in love

  • Rita puts on a satisfied smile - it was her idea to invite Max

Hereby, in the lore book of this podcast, the timeline will be split before Pluto was a planet and after Pluto was no longer a planet - BP and AP.

Paul wrote a paper about how playing GTA V (the player is to kill cops and do all other outlawed things your mind can and cannot imagine in this game) is useful for education, we’re discussing the game and the paper in this episode. Max has a say on this too, and this is the main reason we wanted to get him on the screen.

For 9 episodes we’ve been talking about kids and students and what teachers want and what students want. We even role-played students in 2 episodes, and eventually, we have a person, who is the actual user and the beneficiary of educational games. And his dad is teaching teachers to use games in education.

Usually, we have primary and secondary plotlines in our podcasts. And this episode feels like a multilayered cake that would need 3-4 listens to fully digest:

  • Why games are useful for teaching

  • Why it is hard to use games for teaching

  • Same questions but from Max’s perspective

  • How different games are useful in various cases

  • What needs to be done in the educational system to pull it off

I don’t like bullets, I prefer a clear narrative that you would enjoy reading to get a feeling of the episode so you know if you’re motivated enough to click the play button. But this episode with Paul and Max is so many things, that I feel like we have food for thoughts for another season.

And how do you feel? Shall we commit to 10 more episodes? What do we do so you feel motivated to share this podcast with your friend?

We’re reading and replying in the comments.