Gamedevs x Geek Teachers 😼😺 Is playing games useful?

What skills did you apply in real life after learning that in the video game? What can you learn after playing The Sims? Here's a 17 min video just about this.


You don’t solve problems in real life like you solve them in GTA games, but then how playing GTA is useful? Or is it? Can we say that playing any game is useful?

This episode just keeps bringing in. Can you learn how to find a perfect husband after playing The Sims?

Games, educational games and games for education - what is the real difference? Like boring vs fun or..?

The main idea from this episode is very simple: games can sparkle your curiosity, just like a good book. And like with books - you want to choose what you’re consuming.

The next episode is coming next week. Stay with us!

We will take a look at the teacher’s guide that will ship along Learning Factory EDU and will try to see games through teachers’ eyes.

What’s your experience with games? Did games help you learn something in this life? We’re curious to read your thoughts here in the comments section or in our Discord community.