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Gamedevs x Geek Teachers 😺😼😼 Using games in education and other hard questions

Gamedevs x Geek Teachers 😺😼😼 Using games in education and other hard questions

Alex Kurilin shares the journey of Freckle from Y Combinator startup accelerator to adoption in US schools.

Watch my eyes in the video the moment when Alex brings up an elephant 🐘 to the room: when making products for education, the company has to please students, their parents, their teachers, school heads, certain government functionaries - and all these people have own goals and interests.

It makes sense since they all are users or stakeholders, but it also explains why making products for education is so hard.

Alex talks about his journey with Freckle from Y Combinator to the first teachers adopting the product in schools and how personal connections were the key to success. Another key was to hire actual teachers to help develop Freckle.

We’re talking to Alex and grinning for the whole podcast - we feel on the right path with Learning Factory EDU and we enjoy talking to successful people from the education industry.

We’ll bring more people like Alex to the show. Subscribe and tell about this show to your friend - perhaps they want to share their story too?

We also touch on a very sensitive topic of games 🎮 in education. There’s a lot to do to show and to explain to many parents and teachers and everyone involved that games are useful, that kids and students are happier and more involved with game-based learning products.

It is hard, but hard is good. Hard is what motivates us at to move forward with Learning Factory EDU 👩‍💻.

See you next week? We’ve invited for a conversation with Charlotte Cheng, Senior Curriculum Developer at Code Combat - makers of Ozaria and other game-based educational products.

/Olle, Lera, Rita and team


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This is all about adapting our video games for educational purposes.