Aug 7, 2021 • 30M

Gamedevs x Geek Teachers 😺 What keeps game developers motivated?

Making games for education is dramatically hard and rewarding. A podcast with Charlotte Cheng, Senior Curriculum Developer at Code Combat

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Olle Pridiuksson
This is all about adapting our video games for educational purposes.
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Towards the end of the podcast, I am asking Charlotte about her motivation and passion. Because making and shipping educational games is hard: developers have to please the teachers and the educational system, fight all kinds of uphill battles against all kinds of prejudice, technical limitations and… how to keep going?

Charlotte shines bright: when she sees happy kids playing educational games, she forgets all the struggles. Bringing the innovation that this world appreciates is what keep Charlotte happy and motivated. We at can relate 😃

Are all games useful? What makes games good for education?

These questions feel basic but really they are existential for us in this podcast, and probably for many of you, readers and listeners. Right?

We bring clever people from all sides of education industry to the podcast and discuss what we feel is important. And you’re invited to the dialogue - here in the comments, in Discord and perhaps as a podcast guest?

/Olle, Lera, Rita and team