Learning Factory EDU: Coming to Schools This Fall!

Luden.io teams up with Games For Change to create a special version of Learning Factory for teaching STEM

What's going on

Learning Factory has been named one of the winners of the STEM Your Game Challenge, organized by leading non-profit gaming organization Games For Change.

Which, in short, means one big thing: we will be developing a special educational version of our game, tailored to help teaching STEM through the power of scientific method, which is, in the words of great physicist Richard Feynman, “a key to science”.

Our goal is to deliver Learning Factory EDU till the end of the summer, just before children are back to schools.

Yeah, we're talking about this game, in which you have to build a factory on Mars to produce goods for space cats:


What is Learning Factory EDU?

  • Modified, lightweight version of the main game, in which players/learners must find out, what cats really want;

  • Includes 10 pre-made lessons, based on an innovative educational method “Phenomenon-based learning” which is validated by Finnish schools;

  • Aims to teach children about production, automation, data, and the essence of scientific approach for solving problems;

  • Co-designed with teachers (see below);

  • Comes with a lesson-planning guide for teachers and a workbook for learners;

  • It will be totally free (thanks to game changers at Games For Change)

Who is it for?

While contemplating Learning Factory EDU, we were thinking of middle school teachers and a broader circle of educators (including parents) who are looking for a fun and motivating tools for teaching complex subjects. And, of course, we were thinking of children, who will be able to learn new things in a way that appeals to them (that is, by playing video games)

Who's making it?

You can't make an EDU game without educators, so we've teamed up with like-minded geeks! Please welcome Geek Teachers, an edutainment startup, creating a next generation community of teachers and empowering school routines with their party spirit:

Teachers need a community to talk to each other and meet other teachers and cross-sector experts. This part is on Olle and Lera from The Communities Show. They are making video podcasts and live events with inspiring guests to discuss the future of learning and how games can be a part of school curriculum.

How are you going to do it?!

We have a series of live-streams and interviews with educators, where we'll talk more about Learning Factory EDU and the future of playful learning! Subscribe and wait for the magic to happen :)

We will keep you informed about how things are going on a regular basis. However, if you want to participate in our effort to push education one step further…

How to get more involved?

Do you want to get on board earlier? Subscribe to our newsletter to be among of the first to try the early version!

If you happen to be a teacher, then we encourage you to join us even more, as we need feedback from educators: help us shape the educational game that will help you make your learners become more motivated and learn about important stuff!

We’ll invite you to a fun and useful video podcast like this:

Come find us, we're always happy to chat:

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