teams up with Games For Change to create a special version of Learning Factory for teaching STEM
Hoverboard, Procedurally generated islands, and other things added to Learning Factory in April
Learning Factory updates including Transporters, World Generation, New Researches, and much more!
Learning Factory is an educational game about Machine learning, Automation, and Cats. Now available.
Oleg Chumakov and
The game is full of things done by amazing people from the community. You are invited to join too :) and Oleg Chumakov
Carefully handpicked articles and videos about machine learning from the game and Oleg Chumakov
With the generous support of Epic Games, everything we’ve created is now free for everyone.
Free games and special holidays season offers
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Hi all. Oleg from here. We are a small game development company, focused on educational video games. Thank you for stopping by…
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Rewire VR Lessons: Open Mind School Experience