Gamedevs x Geek Teachers šŸ˜ŗšŸ˜¼šŸ˜¼ Using games in education and other hard questionsListen now (22 min) | Alex Kurilin shares the journey of Freckle from Y Combinator startup accelerator to adoption in US schools.
A speed run of 4 lessons of Learning Factory EDU game and a teacher's guide. Spoiler alert: it works very well.
Scenarios Editor, New cat-researchers, Transporters Maker and much more!
Gamedevs x Geek Teachers šŸ˜ŗ It is all about the students!Listen now (18 min) | Teachers are happy to use new tools and spend time learning them as long as their students are happier and do progress faster.
It's been about 4 months since we've started working on Learning Factory EDU as part of our combined effort with Games For Change. LF EDU a dedicated vā€¦
Gamedevs x Geek Teachers šŸ˜¼šŸ˜ŗ Is playing games useful?Listen now (17 min) | What skills did you apply in real life after learning that in the video game? What can you learn after playing The Sims? Here's aā€¦
Gamedevs x Geek Teachers šŸ˜¼šŸ˜¼šŸ˜¼ How to use Learning Factory game as a lesson for kidsListen now (24 min) | Game developers talk to geeky teachers about games, education and how kids break everything for fun
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Gamedevs x Geek Teachers - šŸ˜¼šŸ˜¼ Playing Learning Factory game with devsListen now (9 min) | A weekly video podcast where developers work with teachers to build Learning Factory EDU game for schools.
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Gamedevs x Geek Teachers - šŸ˜¼ How teachers work with game developersListen now (13 min) | A podcast about making a Learning Factory EDU game and a curriculum until the end of the summer.
, , and teams up with Games For Change to create a special version of Learning Factory for teaching STEM
Hoverboard, Procedurally generated islands, and other things added to Learning Factory in April
Learning Factory updates including Transporters, World Generation, New Researches, and much more!