😻Welcome to Learning Factory

Learning Factory is an educational game about Machine learning, Automation, and Cats. Now available.

Hello all. Oleg from Luden.io is here. I can’t believe that it’s finally happening. Learning Factory is now available on Steam.

Download Learning Factory

Probably you heard the story of how and why Learning Factory was born. The last 8 months of Alpha were really long but super fun. Thank you very much to everyone who played the early version of the game, shared feedback, cheer us up, and just had fun in Discord with us.

Let’s continue this adventure of making the best educational game we can, having fun, and meeting new friends. Here you can read about getting more involved in the development.

P.S. Actually, I have no idea how the launch will go because I am writing this text at night prior to launch and probably it’s much better to have some sleep instead :) But I just can’t not to share this pre-release vibe with you because thanks to you the story of Luden.io becomes possible. We've started with a really simple idea of using video games to spark curiosity for learning. Now I am super happy to have the honor to write to you, amazing players, educators, parents, and curious minds who supported us on this mission.