Gamedevs x Geek Teachers - 😼 How teachers work with game developers

A podcast about making a Learning Factory EDU game and a curriculum until the end of the summer.


By the end of the summer, we have to ship Learning Factory EDU - a game and a STEM curriculum for middle school. You will be able to use it all for free because the initiative is supported by Games For Change.

In the coming episodes, you will learn more about the game and will be able to get a playable demo, see the curriculum and meet more geek teachers and experts. Subscribe to not miss:

In episode S1E1 you will meet Masha, the geek teacher, Georgii from the dev team and two characters whose purpose remains unknown for the time being.

Did you enjoy the show? Would you like us to host it live?

Or would you like us to explain more technical details and be more serious, just as we are in Learning Factory news on Steam?

We will drop a new episode next week. So head on to the comments section or our Discord to let us know your feedback 😼.