Gamedevs x Geek Teachers 😺😼 Playtesting the teacher's guide

A speed run of 4 lessons of Learning Factory EDU game and a teacher's guide. Spoiler alert: it works very well.

We’re following the teacher’s guide and cannot stop talking about how amazing Kate and Anna are. Their job is to create such guides at Geek Teachers so fellow educators feel comfortable and confident at each stage of the lesson: there’s always a scripted narrative and a tip of what to say if students struggle or what to pay attention to at each stage of the lesson.

On the other side, the game is built in a way that students cannot really defocus far from the lesson and instead look for 99 ways to blow up Sponge Bob. Lera stayed involved and focused in this video, meaning your students would too 🙃

If you like what you see on the screen, Learning Factory EDU and the teacher’s guide for 5 first lessons are available for free due to Games For Change support.

In this episode, we do a speed run of 4 lessons, instead of having proper classes. But if you’d like to see a full experience - tell us so in the comments. Or perhaps you’d like to come to our show and playtest the teacher’s guide?

This episode is very visual, so we skipped the audio version this time.

Take a look at Lera and her involvement in the game. She zooms out of the narrative and focuses on the game. She’s still able to solve the problem and complete the task, but perhaps she doesn’t learn that much about the scientific method and the research topic.

At a proper class, students would ideate over possible solutions first, fill in the workbook and open the game towards the end of the lesson.

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