How to get more involved in Learning Factory development

The game is full of things done by amazing people from the community. You are invited to join too :)

Learning Factory is a factory automation game about machine learning and cats. Probably you’ve already read the funny story about the game but if you didn’t - long story short. From the very first days of the Learning Factory, a lot of amazing people from our community in Discord helps us build the best educational video game about technologies we can.

They are doing it in a lot of ways and we are super happy to have the honor to cooperate with so talented and passionate people. We will be even happier if you decide to join us on this mission. Also proudly mention all of our supporters in the game’s credits and giving away a lot of secret in-game promo codes.

This post is about things you can help the game with.

Vote for design decisions, features, and art in Discord

We are hosting weekly votes to select the best design decisions and art directions. It’s super fun, you should give it a shot. Everything you need to do is to join our Discord and wait for a notification.

Influence the development by voting in Public Roadmap

Let us know what features you dream of. If you want to propose a feature please drop us a line in Discord or leave a comment in Public Roadmap.

Share your feedback 📝

You can do it right from the game or using this web form.

Privately share 10+ minutes of you playing the game 📹

We are big fans of doing public playtests. Since the COVID situation, it’s not safe anymore, that’s why we ask you to share your videos with us. This is how we can find usability, balance, and other problems really fast. Here is the web form for submitting videos.

Help translate the game to your language 💬

Since the game is full of rare Machine Learning terminology it’s hard to translate it with help of regular translators, who are far from the data analysis industry. That’s why we ask players to help us with translation. Here is the super easy-to-use service Crowdin which helps us with community translation of Learning Factory.

Suggest educational materials 💡

As you probably know the game is full of educational materials. But most of them are provided in English. There are a lot of local super talented educators who can explain Machine Learning basics natively. If you know some great local articles or videos - drop us a line in Discord or just put it into the game by yourself here using Crowdin (look for keys _WIKI, _VIDEO, _LEARN).

Write a guide 🦮

A lot of players find guides really helpful. Steam Community Hub is the best place for it.

Test unstable versions of the game 🎮

Before making updates available for all players we rolling them out to the “unstable” branch in Steam. If you want to help us find bugs please switch your branch by clicking Right Mouse Button at the game in Steam Library -> Properties -> Betas and then select “unstable” from the dropdown. Share what you find in Discord in the #bugs channel. But remember, everything could happen in the world of unstable versions!

Tell your story 👩‍🚀

Do you know what is the most inspiring things for us? Stories about using the game as an educational material or as an inspiration for personal projects or as a family activity… Please don’t hesitate to tell us your story. You can do it in Discord or privately via email

If you are an educator - tell us about your curriculum 👩‍🏫

As you probably know Learning Factory is based on tons of feedback we’ve received from educators who use while True: learn() for their classes. Now it’s time to try Learning Factory to serve your important mission. We are always happy to help. Drop us a line in Discord or privately via email

Film a video about the game or ask your beloved YouTube or Twitch reviewer to make it 👨‍💻

First of all, it’s super fun to watch. Secondly, it’s very helpful for us to find usability and design problems in the game. The best way to get a review copy is to contact us via KeyMailer, you can just share this link with a person who wants to make a video.

*Soon* Build mods via Steam Workshop 🛠️

We do have plans to add Steam Workshop support. We want to allow modders to add buildings, extend the game’s content, and set custom rules for the custom gameplay mods. The best way not to miss anything is to join our Discord and keep an eye on Steam updates.

Just do with ❤️ what you think is right to do

And we will too :) Thanks for joining us on this adventure of making the best educational game we can.