Gamedevs x Geek Teachers 😼😼😼 How to use Learning Factory game as a lesson for kids

Game developers talk to geeky teachers about games, education and how kids break everything for fun


We started this weekly show to talk about how we’re making a set of 10 lessons for teachers out of Learning Factory game, but we believe there’s more to it: a community.

Imagine a place on the internet where teachers and educators can talk to game developers, EdTech startups and just geeks who want to spend time playing useful games with their kids. Subscribe to this newsletter if you believe such a community is a good idea so we can keep you updated.

Next week we’re talking to Charlotte Cheng from CodeCombat to learn how she creates curriculums out of games and how educational games work in practice.

And here below is an episode with Kate, a Geek Teacher with a jet pilot headset. Kate explains her thinking for creating teacher guides and walks through the first Learning Factory EDU level together with Georgii.

We talk about how kids are fun and terrible, make Georgii sing an existential song and explain how to explain the scientific method to teens.

If I haven’t convinced you to give this video a click, then scroll to the middle of the video where Georgii is focused on removing cats into oblivion.

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