Gamedevs x Geek Teachers - 😼😼 Playing Learning Factory game with devs

A weekly video podcast where developers work with teachers to build Learning Factory EDU game for schools.


There’s a huge gap that game developers cannot fix without a teacher. We think we’re great, we think we know how to make games fun and useful, but just like in this podcast episode - something is missing. We’ll get Masha, the geek teacher, back in the next episode to catch her vision on how to make games useful for schools.

And in this episode you can see how Learning Factory is transforming into Learning Factory EDU, you can hear Georgi sing and you can notice how our cameras and brain overheat from the heatwave in Europe.

And one more thing.

Did you notice that many games are like good books - they sparkle your interest in learning something?

  • Learning Factory is a game that sparkles the itch to go learn something.

  • Learning Factory EDU is a set of structured lessons in a game format, it is a tool for teachers to make classes fun.

We will be unpacking this and many other games and education related topics in this newsletter and in our Discord community 😼