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Carefully handpicked articles and videos about machine learning from the game

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Learning Factory is a factory automation game about machine learning and cats. We want the game to be a gentle first step into machine learning and the fields of its application like while True: learn() was.

That’s why we carefully handpicked articles and videos about machine learning and put them into the game and this very web page. All future updates will be reflected here as well.

Previous Compilation

Compilation of educational materials from while True: learn() is here.

Main Educational Screen

For the most casual start please check out this YouTube playlist with educational videos about Python, Keras, and Machine Learning.

It’s simple but super interesting to deep dive into Wiki starting from the main page about Machine Learning

A new pack of courses from a pioneer of teaching Machine Learning on Coursera Andrew Ng. And his old but good the first one.

Learn to program with a language used by ML professionals around the world:

View a simple machine learning overview course from the professionals at Google

Take educational courses and learn a lot of new things

*Advanced* Develop your skills and take part in competitions in machine learning. They even pay money for winning in some of them!

*Super Advanced* Read others and write your own scientific paper. Move humanity forward

In-Game Wiki


Cat Splitter;

Cat Shop

Data Storage

Polynomial Regression

Linear Regression